Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I am the working draft of a hard cover book. When people simply glance at my cover, they cannot appreciate me for who I really am. They may misinterpret me as a simple, quiet, smart girl. They may think that my hard cover shelters me from the outside world – a belief that they are correct in having sometimes; however, I am currently breaking out of my shell and am maturing due to the rising and falling actions of my life.
The simple cover of the book – of me – is merely a glimpse into the complex person that lies underneath. The book is not simply an autobiography. I am a comedy, a drama, a romance, a fantasy, a thriller, and a mystery. People who are willing to read the book discover that I am much more than shy and smart. I am analytical and am not quick to forget. I am constantly questioning the world outside my cover, and I actively seek new information. Sometimes I may read my own pages slowly and dwell too long on events; other times, I read with celerity and overlook connections in my life – at these times, I call on an outside reader to help analyze my situation. After cracking open the cover, others can see my wit and sense of humor that may be hidden when someone only glances at me. Likewise, readers learn a few pages into the book that I am not quiet – they discover the appearance versus reality of my personality. I am talkative (even wordy), and the book’s words seem to have no end at times. I have phases in my life where the book is mellow; on the following page, the story line becomes crazy. The change in plot keeps the book exciting and encourages the reader to keep flipping the pages to see beneath the simple cover.
Like a good book, I am loyal and always available when someone needs me in his or her life. Whether someone needs my wise words or just my listening presence, I am not too preoccupied in my own pages to help someone else. My hard cover allows me to withstand the ironic trials of every day life, for I am not easily discouraged or bent out of shape. I am ambitious and meticulous, qualities that compel me to continue to revise my own pages so that I can improve myself and achieve a successful final draft. I am a fast learner, and my pages encompass various themes that I have learned throughout the plot of my life. The book is constantly being revised with the addition of new chapters of who I am. The perceptive reader – or any active reader – can quickly observe that my pages change and mature as the book unravels; underneath the hard cover of the book, I am a work in progress that is not near complete.

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