Love Note

April 29, 2009
By Ashlie cofield BRONZE, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
Ashlie cofield BRONZE, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
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Sometimes you just want to play the perfect song and sing the perfect note, to feel the love in ones soul. It starts at the love note. The song has started with the attraction of accompaniment and the accompanist. It's the love-at-first-sound; the first time connection of the sound and the soul. Then the music starts to build up like a drama on Broadway doing everything possible to get the attention of ones heart. Either to cry or laugh; to sing or dance: to make you feel every note that comes to ones ear. Comfortably, the attraction of every note and every measure gets closer and closer. Every note becomes deeper and deeper into ones soul. Then bass cleft and the treble cleft harmonize, having more in common than ever.
Music is love, and in every song, there is an up and a down, a twist or turn; a Romeo and Juliet scenario. This is when it hits the minor change either going half a step to high or going half a step to low, clashing a broken heart, making ones mind think twice of their decision of passion. Then one second guesses the first-time-connection of the sound and the soul, still thinking if there was a true connection between the heart and the love note. As this eerie blend builds, a real story rises; deciding whether or not treble should actually play with bass; or a note should ever come near a rest; or whether a quarter, an eighth, or sixteenth note could ever come close to making ones heart beat undeniably.
Just like a rose blooming in the spring some songs just don't work out, but some become the most passionate piece that one has ever composed. This is when it all makes since, when every note and every beat harmonizes to the rhythm of your heart and soul. Each note hitting every high and low that love has ever reached and every beat going around every rock in the road that hasn’t been thought of. Everything coming together note for note, beat for beat, and heart for heart.
The song slowly fades, but still hearing every crisp note and beat; barley touching the skin of one’s ear drums. But still deep inside the music runs through the nerves in ones spine, raising every hair, relaxing every muscle. This is when the love note will never end, and the passion could never fade. It’s the feeling in ones soul that can’t be felt, and the undeniable tears that can’t be hidden. It’s a love note that never ends. It’s a passion that lasts for eternity.

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