The Legal Life

April 27, 2009
By Angela Gennaro BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Angela Gennaro BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Some people know at an early age what they want to do; I have always known that I want
to become a lawyer. Though I had plenty of practice building a case against my parent’s
punishments, I had never stepped foot in a courtroom or law office. So, rather than watching "Legally Blonde" and “Erin Brockovich” all summer, I decided to pursue some real legal experience of my own. I obtained a summer internship at Frilot LLC, a prominent local law firm to see if the path I had mentally sketched out for myself felt right.

It wasn’t until my first day that I realized how different my summer would be. Nearing downtown New Orleans, the once still and distant buildings in my city's skyline
quickly transformed into a fast-paced corporate matrix. Crossing the street, I wondered how a high school senior would fair amongst established middle aged law professionals. Walking through the golden revolving door, with my lunch and courage in hand, I was eager for what awaited me. While many of my friends were diving into a neighborhood pool, I was immersing myself in my work at a highly successful law firm. I was prepared to be handed an endless list of "gopher" jobs, but instead, was assigned to aid the team of lawyers who specialize in asbestos class action suits. Some of my duties included handling research for depositions and filing pleadings. Several times a week I was invited to join attorneys at lunch meetings, where they discussed the particular cases and the tactics they would use to win. I was often surprised and flattered when attorneys asked for my thoughts on certain proceedings, and soon found it natural chatting with professionals nearly three times my age about topics as serious as the presidential
candidates, to those as trivial as discussing what happened the night before on “The Office.” Across the city, my friends had left the pool and were probably going to see "The Dark Knight" for the fifth time; I was more than content with my days downtown.

My tenure at the firm was a great success and helped solidify my passion. I can now
easily envision myself sitting behind a desk stacked with legal-sized paper and a computer buzzing with e–mails and deadlines. Following cases for months, it was easy to become personally involved and take a deep interest in the clients. I felt fulfilled knowing that even if my contribution to each case was small, I still helped the fights of so many dying of asbestosis. This, I found to be the greatest part of being a lawyer- helping others and fighting for what is fair. Leaving before knowing the outcomes of the cases in which I played about still upset me, and I still often wonder how they turned out.

Walking out of that golden revolving door on the last day of my internship, I felt satisfied knowing that studying and ultimately practicing law is what I still intend to accomplish. Grateful for the experience and perspective I gained, I eagerly anticipate the day when I walk across the threshold for the second time; not as the high school senior, but as the learned law school graduate, ready to turn a dream into my long-awaited reality.

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