I Believe in Mind Power

May 26, 2017
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I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe that your mind is the most powerful influence in your life. My father has always helped me and motivated me to do my best. He always tells me “it's 50% physical and 50% mental”. To be successful you have to be strong mentally and physically. You can be the strongest and fastest person in the world, but if you can't handle stress, pressure, or self doubts, you won't achieve your goal. Those negative thoughts will bring you down, making it impossible to succeed. Once you master the power of your mind and the power of positive thinking, then I believe you can do anything.

I believe everything that happens in your life, is caused by you. Everything in the universe is governed by law. However, some of you might not believe that. Some of you say it's bad luck or good luck. It may seem this way but it's strange to think that the whole universe is governed by laws, except you? No, even we are governed by these laws, everything that happens is the result of your actions. This is the Law of Attraction. Do you know what thoughts are? What is the effect of our thoughts? We have about 60,000 thoughts per day. I believe our thoughts create our life. These thoughts shape us to be who we are. Our life is a reflection of who we are. Our brain is the most powerful tool we are given, but only a few have mastered it. It's like the steering wheel of a car. We control the turns and the direction we go which determines our destination. This is our brain. It can control what happens to us in the present time and future. It's the driving force of our life and body. I believe your thoughts control your life.

The power of your mind and law of attraction is the key to life and success. The most important thing is to always think positive, because negative thoughts are the enemy. Believing you can do something creates a greater chance of you actually succeeding. There is a quote, “If you think you can, you can”, and “if you think you can't, you're right” (Mary Kay Ash). I agree one hundred percent, you have to believe you can do something to achieve it. It's like “the little train who could”, a children’s book. The train would repeat to himself, “I think I can, I think I can”. This is what we must do in life to succeed. When we tell ourself “Don't strike out, don't strike out.” Our brain really hears, “strike out, strike out.” Instead tell yourself, “I'm going to hit that ball, watch me, I’ll hit a homerun.” The power of positive thinking is incredible, if we can master it, I believe we can do anything we set our mind too.

The power of our minds has helped me so much in my own life. In my sports especially, I use the Law of attraction and power of positive thinking. Recently I had the chance to compete at State level for my discus throwing. Discus throwing requires mental strength as well as skill, half physical, half mental. My trial throws were lacking the mental strength, almost costing me the chance of top 8. I never had been so nervous in my life, I was scared. Why was I scared? I'm ranked 2nd in the state, I've throw far in practice every day, but now Negative thoughts swarmed my head. I was placed 7th with another group of girls needing to throw, if any of them threw farther than me, I was done. This scared me, I told myself I'll never be good enough because I can't handle the pressure. Then, I stopped myself. I realized I couldn't focus because of the negative thoughts in my head. Fear does not exist. We create fear and doubts in our mind. Your mind lies to you, it tells you something will happen but it hasn't. That's in the future and your brain can't predict the future. That's when I told myself, you know what, everything is going to work out. I'm a good thrower, I deserve to be here, and I will show them what I can do. My name was called for the finals, right then all my stress and nervousness was gone. I simply told myself. Throw it, and have fun. To conclude, I threw the farthest I have ever thrown in my life. I went from 7th place to first place. I surprised everyone, no one saw it coming. But With my positive thinking I knew it had to come true. For weeks before this day, I imagined myself in this moment winning states. I thought of it everyday. This is the law of attraction. You imagine and think of something you want and send those vibrations into the universe. I attracted that success from my thoughts and desires. I know this is hard to understand. My thoughts controlled the outcome of a situation. My inner world controls my outer world. You can do this too with training and learning to use the power of your mind.

Our inner world and outer world, we all live in 2 worlds at once. Bare with me on this. Our outer world is what you see now, everyone outer world is this classroom in your chair listening to me. Everyone inner world could be different. Some of you are listening to me, you inner world is this classroom, it that seat, listening to me. But for those who start to doze off or start thinking about an argument you had at recess or what will you do after school. You are now in a different inner world. We have all experienced this, maybe while driving, a boring lecture, or a test that you don't know any answers to. These two worlds work in a cause and effect t relationship, as does everything in our life. Most people let their outer world control their inner world. Take skydiving for example, some people see the situation as thrilling and some afraid. Same situation and outer world but different inner words, they react differently. This is why feelings like fear don't exist in the outer world. It comes from inside. Once people learn to let their inner world control their outer world, they are unstoppable. Believing that you are confident, makes you more confident. This is how we can use positive thinking to shape our life into the one we dream.

With all this talk of the mind and believing, I have to make it clear. Yes these methods do work, but you can just sit around. You actually have to take action, act in your belief. Obviously you aren't going to succeed sitting around watching tv. Believe you can and do it.

Did you know that the brain is like a super computer? Did you know it can almost do anything, there's just one thing it can't do. Distinguish thoughts from reality. There was an experiment done once with sick patients. Its called the placebo effect. Half were given the pill to cure them, the other half a fake sugar pill. Both groups reported they were happy and healthy. The people told themselves that "I'm taking the medicine so I'm getting better". The brain doesn't know the difference between this. It's like having a bad dream, you wake up sweaty, heart rate fast, but it's just a dream. That's because your body reacted as if it actually happened, the brain can distinguish. Once I was dreaming of fighting pirates aboard a ship, one pirate sliced my right leg. I immediately woke up grabbing my leg in pain. It hurt and the pain slowly subsided. I was confused, I felt it, even if it was just a dream. This is why thinking and imagining success works too. Your brain doesn't know the difference of you actually doing something or simply imagining it.

I believe you can do anything. Set your mind to it, believe in it, envision it, and trust in yourself. Take control of your life, grab the wheel and realize you are the one driving your life. You are the one in full control of your destiny. No one else. Your mind is powerful, but is also a liar. It will try to make you fear, doubt, diminish, and accept failure before you even tried. Before you know the outcome, your brain tries to trick you into believing the negative thoughts. A professor once said "Negative thoughts only have power, if you react to them". Stop those negative thoughts before they win you over, they are the enemy and your downfall. They are the greatest obstacle in your life, the greatest burden, the greatest trial. Your own thoughts will keep you from your dreams. This isn't a test run, this is real life. Our lives are a test of our own strength, the test has started whether you were ever ready or not.

You can do it. Please, I implore you to always remember to believe in yourself. Tell yourself every day, make a choice and decide to live life with no regrets, only ifs, and buts. I believe you can do anything. I believe in mind power, and I believe in you.

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