March 12, 2017

Life isn't always easy. Life isn't always fair. This world is full of disappointment, hatred and lies. None of which help the fact that this world is screwed up and mentally ill. Everyone is mentally ill. Some hide it better then others. Some of us deal with it in a painful, remorseful way. And some don’t deal. We do whatever we feel is the easiest way to deal with the pain that’s buried deep inside of us. We don’t do what is best for us. We do what is easiest so we don’t have to face the reality of our demons. Our demons taunt and haunt us. They make us feel scared, lonely and hopeless. They follow you around and never leave unless you face them. But if not, you’ll be fighting that
demon for a very long time. Maybe even for the rest of your life. But god forbid if we try to get any help. Many of us see getting help as a weakness. Many of us are scared and embarrassed of not being normal when the truth is, no one is normal. Everyone needs help. Everyone gets scared and lonely at least once in their life and is afraid to admit it. But you shouldn't be embarrassed of your demons. You should embrace them and encourage yourself to get help and not stay hurting in the darkness for the rest of your life. Because one day you’ll end up giving in to your demons and they’ll take control of your life and direct you into a very dark place that no one should ever have to be in. They will taunt you until there is no you left for them to taunt. Then all that will be left of you is the lifeless memories that still lurks in the shadows.

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