The Walk of Endless Stories

September 28, 2016

The atmosphere of Arlington National Cemetery bottled up any words that I felt like saying. I overlooked the sea of white headstones, names, and broken families. No other place that I have been has had the same effect. Arlington National Cemetery is a place of honor and sacrifice.

The names on the headstones told stories. The men and women buried directly under the surface wore their name with pride. Four hundred thousand valorous, named people were under the ground on this one historical property. Coins laid on the grave of a respected soldier, representing the relationship between the visitor and soldier. The coins shows me that people care for the people that fight for America. Memorial Day is a day when everyone pays their respects rather than those that visit the graves.

It got increasingly quiet as I progressed toward the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A disciplined soldier marched back and forth. Each step he took was the same length. Each cycle held the same steps. Each soldier repeated the same number of cycles. I can’t conceptualize the discipline it took to pace back and forth for hours on end. The fact that these robot-like soldiers committed their lives to this tomb is wonderful. It gives me hope that people love this country, and are willing to protect it at any cost. As I left, I wanted to thank each and every soldier that laid to rest on that property. Memorial day is the day us Americans can all do that.

To me, Memorial Day is a day to respect and cherish the four hundred thousand men and women that lay to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. To me, Memorial Day is a day to think of all of the memories that the soldiers could have had with their families and friends. To me, Memorial Day is a day where we drop our worries and enjoy the freedom American soldiers fought and died for.

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