What They Lose You Gain

September 28, 2016
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Memorial day is the day where we remember  soldierS who never made it home to see their family, see their wives or kids, or feel the fur of their dog again. It is the day we remember all of the men and women who say goodby to their old life and go and fight for freedom and liberty.

Every morning of monday may 29th Americans wake to honor the men and women who die so we can live, have freedom and liberty. On this day we remember them with parades, picnics and memorial services.

My family goes to the band shell listens to the veterans play. We watch the parade and hear the boom of the gunshots and smell the gunpowder as if  getting a small glimpse of the war our soldiers had gone through.

On memorial day we honor soldiers who paid with blood, sweat, and lives for our protection. On this day we show respects towards every beaming white rows of souls in arlington and around America.

We thank all of the brave men and women who fight for us and risk their lives and die for us.

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