Can We Evolve Already?

March 6, 2009
By Rrennick94 BRONZE, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Rrennick94 BRONZE, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
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'I wish that science and faith could live in harmony. If you think about it we'd get a lot more done that way,' stated Cathey Rennick

Without the theory of evolution a lot of the things we do today wouldn't make sense. If we didn't have this theory we wouldn't know that the flu virus changes every year. That disease mutates every year, and that we adapt to our environment. Millions of years ago we were all probably just microscopic bacteria on a rock. Some Scientists believe that fish originally didn't have fins or gills, but because they needed to stay under water they developed these things. How did we get where we are today. Evolution!! It's pretty amazing right?

Every year around winter we venture into the flu season. It has a lot more to do with evolution than you think. For example, why can't you just go in and get on vaccine and be fine for the rest of your life? Well, this is why; the virus itself mutates a little every year slowly changing. Scientists and doctors identify this change and protect you against this. I hate to tell you this, but every disease mutates every year. The West Nile Virus, bird flu, and even the common cold, so thanks to the help of doctors we are on our way to curing most of these viruses.

Some might argue that this doesn't support Intelligent Design (creation by a superior being), but I'm willing to argue that it does in fact support Intelligent Design because if you really think about it we could have just been bacteria, but someone had to put us there. Get where I'm going?

Okay, now you're all probably saying, 'What about Adam and Eve.' Well just let me finish. Upon consulting my mother she said that we all might want to believe in the tragic story of Adam and Eve, but it may not be true. A very long time ago people would make up stories to explain past happenings. Well this story could very well be just that. Although, you can decide for yourselves it's your decision. At first when I heard this I was kind of doubtful, but eventually it made more sense then it being true.

If you still don't believe in evolution then maybe this will change your mind. Okay, I recently read a book about the theory of evolution. In the middle of that book they told about a scripture that could connect god to evolution. Matthew, 25:14-29 tells the story of a man and his three servants. He rewards each of their hard work with talents ( ancient system of money ). He gave the first servant five talents, the second 2, and the third one. When both of the first two servants came back with double he was pleased. However, the third servant returns only with the one talent he was given he is ordered to give it to the man with ten talents. Not only did he not gain, but he didn't get to keep what he was given.

This passage is an example of survival of the fittest. Those who prosper will continue to prosper, but those who don't lose the little that they have. Just look at the animal kingdom. The damaged species after the ice age failed to live on. It's a sad truth.

I know that this is all a lot to take in at one time. It's just the way it is. I can understand if you still don't believe, but you should learn about the theory of evolution. It is still thought as a huge discovery and observation.
I believe in religion, but I also believe in Evolution. So I am lucky enough to see it from both angles. I have had my share of problems when they say that someone can't believe in both.

So with that I give you the most compelling argument that I can to persuade you to believe in evolution. However, in the end there is no way for us to figure out what the truth is. Maybe until the end of time Evolution will remain a theory, and Intelligent Design will remain faith. It doesn't mean you have to believe, but whatever you do believe in you will need to have hope. Without it, it's like empty faith. I believe that science and religion will, hopefully, one day walk hand in hand.

The author's comments:
I was inspired after reading a book that changed my perspective. The book titel was "Evolution: Me and other freaks of nature" check it out, its worth it.

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on Mar. 15 2009 at 11:38 pm
A_Person_Who_Writes_Stuff BRONZE, South Hempstead, New York
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Fate 'fāt noun. The will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are, or events to happen as they do : destiny

Well, I believe that god started life on earth with a single cell (bacteria if you will) he decided to keep this, but make more, so let's skip a couple million years (half a day, duh 7 days=creation of all) He made a simple fish, he also kept that fish, then he made the fish sprout legs and thus the era of the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs cramped gods style, so POOF, meteor no more dinosours. MAMMAL TIME he made rodents, kept rodents, made apes, kept apes, made early man, early man not so cool, goodbye neandrathas, hello modern human biengs, one day we will cramp god's style and POOF no more humans, what next only god knows...

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