A Rant by Any Other Name

October 27, 2008
By Anonymous

I've listened to songs on the radio and felt them burn my heart. I've felt physically sick from watching my peers be treated far worse then they deserve. I've spent nights pouring my soul into words that couldn't quite capture how I felt, begging for a release of any form, some way to feel as though I was making a difference. I could build a school with the passion congregating inside of me; I could create a language or destroy a building. I am one in ten. I am one in twenty. I am one in a hundred, a thousand, a billion. I have never felt more alone, yet I am aware that I have never been more in touch with the emotion of so many. World wide, teenagers and adults alike express feelings of desperation and isolation. What I fail to understand is if there is such a common feeling of bitterness and loneliness why do people destroy each other emotionally, physically, and in ways so unspeakable tears can express. I will spend my entire life trying to express how I feel, trying to beg people to love and to be kind. The truth is it would be hypocritical of me. I have felt the sick high that is received from talking about your best friend behind her back, from cutting down the girl who sits alone. I've felt the power that comes from abhorring others to the point of wanting to destroy any fragment of their life that may grant them joy. I want to tell you that I am better then everyone else. I want to tell you something tragic, that will destroy your faith in humanity and inspire you to fight. I want to tell you that I live of life worthy of the mention among the most honorable, a place among the gods. However, I would be lying. I'd prefer to be sincere with you, as you are another anonymity I will never speak to as a friend or lover or enemy. I fight every day to do what I want and to do what I know is right. And sometimes I fail. Above all, I try to live with understanding. Everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to be fulfilled. Understand that, and it is much easier to see the motives of all. It is much easier to live the life of an optimist. Of an amender, a healer.

Getting on my knees and beseeching your support in the care campaign (peace and love and equality and rainbows for all!). However, truly think about what it is that causes this great divide between you and your adversary. Ponder what exactly makes you lack respect for the humanity of the person you mock and belittle. Only the truly educated will find that healthy differences are a cause for respect, not hate. I could continue preaching a redundant topic, beating a long dead and bloodied heart. But writer's and composers and even athletes have already long since embodied a feeling I can only skim the top of. Listen to your favorite song. In it you won't find hate. You'll find passion. Creation over annihilation. Productivity with passion beats death by slow surrender any day.

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