March 1, 2009
I cared. I cared for you more than anything. I wanted nothing more than for you to be happy. And now I'm hurting because of it. Every second of every day that I'm thinking of you. The pain is always there. You were my safe harbor, but now you have me drowning in the flood. Because its always there. It may subside sometimes but its always there. Its there waiting for the next time you cross my mind. The next time I see your face. When I'm depressed. Its there. When I'm lonely . Its there. When I'm happy. Its lingering there. Its there every time you walk by me in the hallway. The tears threaten to spill over but they don't, because I want you to be happy. So it stays there in the back of my mind, and it always will, because when you care for somebody, you don't want them to see the pain they cause you, no matter how shattering or depressing it might be. But no matter what you do it will always be there.

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