January 21, 2009
By beckylovesxx SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
beckylovesxx SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Sometimes, when i have times to myself, i think. Whether i'm mad, sad, happy, etc. I just think. I let my brain take me away. I think about global warming- how if we don't change our ways, the world could possibly change for the worse. I think about all of the many people in the world, and how each and every one of them have a soul. Each and every one of them are human beings. Whether they get sex changed, or whether they're gay, it doesnt matter. Every one has feelings. Sometimes i sit and think about what the world has come to. It's not perfect, but it could be a little more near it. Not many look at whats important in life. War- war is a very important subject. There will always be a right and a wrong side, but fighting does what? Kills people, some innocent? Soldiers put their god given life on the line to protect the ones who don't deserve it the least bit. The ones who kill people for little mis-understandings. The ones who don't realize what life's all about. Bombs, guns, violence, drugs, and whatever else. So, i have many things to think about. In America, students get a FREE education. The education that some other kids in other poor countires only can WISH to get. And yet we don't appriciate it. Americans don't appriciate ANYTHING. We take what we feel we need, and thats it. But this right here, this is what matters. This is the stuff nobody wants to face, but will someday. This is the reality of the world we live in, and if we don't take any action, it only can get worse. So when your upset, or sad, or even happy, think. Turn off the television and think. Think about all the good and bad things in the world. And while your thinking, make a change. Your not the only person thinking.

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