December 3, 2008
By Saraetta Parker, Plainfield, NJ

We have to stand together aganist the dying of the sun. There will come a day when blood and pain looks us in our face. People's spirit will suddenly break. Drakness and sorrow will take it's place. Laughter and love will fade away. Peace and unity will become the dream of the future. War and separation will be the thing of the past. The world is falling apart so fast that life on this earth will never last. We have to stand together aganist the dying of the sun. We will not let people's spirit break. We will not let drakness and sorrow take it's place. We will not let laughter and love fade away. WE are going to stand togther aganist the dying of our sun.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because i feel this piece sent out a strong message to people all across this nation. The world is our home and i believe that we need to take back control of our world. We need to make it a safer place a most peaceful place to live and this is the message i want my reader to get out of reading my piece.

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