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Digital Distraction

March 24, 2015
By mykimouse BRONZE, Kihei, Hawaii
mykimouse BRONZE, Kihei, Hawaii
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People go on social media as if their lives depend on it. They check it so many times a
day that it’s a distraction. “Addiction rises because social media activity triggers pleasure centers in the brain” (  For example, research shows this happens when friends “like” or “comment” on your photo ( We need to start putting the smartphones down and focus on passing that test, taking care of yourself, and family and friends.

First of all, social media activity is a negative thing because people get hateful responses from anonymous people, start arguments, and feelings may get hurt. Researchers found that 58% of kids and teens have been insulted and harassed on the internet ( Additionally, teenagers argue over stupid things on the internet like, “Ew Taylor Swift is the worst singer ever”, “No it’s 21”, and “That dress is black and blue not white and gold. Finally, there are lots of trolls on the internet that love to annoy people. These people are the cause for arguments and post inappropriate things. Don’t let them distract you from what’s really important. However, there is more to why social media is harmful to us beings.

Too much time on social media has put a negative effect on people’s focus and minds. It has been proven that students who use social media while studying scored 20% lower on tests than those who don’t use social media ( Moreover, most people tend to create a habit of “net-speaking” while talking to someone (Carrie Grosvenor, “Netspeak” is replacing the English language with words or abbreviations in order to type common words and phrases faster (Carrie Grosvenor, ( is a really bad habit when you send an email regarding your acceptance into college. I don’t think they would except you if they find lots of  “LOLs” or  “so yah, like, except me” in your paper. Lastly, it is likely that if you’re distracted by social networking during the day, you’ll end up being tired during the evening, and feel sleep deprived ( Your brain needs time to process information and wind down after the day, but no, people continue to stuff it with information. This is how stress occurs, when you get lack of rest, you get tired, when you’re tired, you are more likely to be diagnosed with psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, or ADHD.

Some will disagree with my views about social media’s harmful effects. They may say that social media allows people to communicate and interact with everyone. This is true but, what about in real life? According to, 56% of relationships ended on text message, email, and social media. Sad right? Another reason is that, when “internet buddies” communicate in real life it is awkward because they are so use to looking at a screen and not face to face. Finally, “the use of social media is correlated with personality and brain disorders” ( Disorders like being self-centered, addictive behaviors, ADHD, and the inability to have in-person-conversations.

So, what do you think about social media now? Social media has allowed people to hurt the innocent on the internet. When social networking addiction rises the victim will spend their whole day on the internet, not giving a beaver dam of what will happen to them. Results like improper grammar, low grades, stress, lack of sleep, ADHD, and bad behavior may occur. So, users of the internet and social media, it’s time to put your phone down and try out skydiving!

The author's comments:

I'm guilty, myself of checking social media everyday. And it has really became a bad habit of mine to check my phone before I go to bed. I just hope this will help people realize that they need to just take a break from their phone. 

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