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December 18, 2008
By lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
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I am one of those people who see the world through the least common, most unpredictable person’s eyes… and try to make sense of the blurry mystery that engulfs us. I look for the problem to the answer, and usually find something even more confusing, yet overwhelmingly intriguing. That is why, on most occasions, I am distracted by a chain of thoughts that seems to leak like a cracked glass. Where I end up is always new, but I know it usually is somewhere I can understand and surprisingly enough agree with.

I tend to sway more to the Democratic Party, for reasons I am still not one hundred percent clear on. For the most part, I believe it is because they support women, the working class, the minorities, and environmentalists. I happen to be three out of those four. I guess this makes it imperative that I choose a liberal standing, though I do disagree with some of the policies and ideals of this party. The same goes for a portion of the Republican Party, which is not ALL bad in my opinion. There is something to be said for a candidate who rides the “party fence” and has a balanced political view. I just wished we had a politically-evenhanded, middle-aged, experienced, cultured minority as a candidate; then it wouldn’t matter what party he or she belonged to. I am all for the “American Dream”, but if that means cheating me out of my hard-earned democracy, than this government can shove that “Dream” in their big, fat veto box. I don’t want a preacher for a president, I want a handyman who can bring the results I am paying for (with my taxes!), with a vigilant, detail oriented composure.

There seems to be a lot of people wanting the same thing as me, yet no one is pointing out the flawed campaign standards of these running candidates. I have heard a lot of issues discussed (or more often avoided), and I am not pleased with the lack of honesty, excess of pontification, and downright ignorance of the topics. For instance, they have not once delved into the domain of Sarah Palin and her shady regime in Alaska. There are several matters that need our attention up there. One of such is the clubbing of baby seals (for sport) in and around Alaska. This is an unforgivable act, and should be no differently than animal abuse, poaching, or even murder. These poor creatures are part of a vital ecosystem holding their place in the circle of life, as well as regulate the population of their prey and predators. Without them, their habitat and fellow life forms there would collapse under the drastic strain, ending more than a few species in a horrific, inhumane chain reaction. I see this as a semi-significant issue to the democrats, but not enough to the republicans. Why is this not a topic of debate? Why is Global warming not being addressed as urgently as it should, especially with the caps and glaciers melting at an alarming rate? When those ice floes are gone, the polar bears and other mammals will die, letting their prey overpopulate and over eat their food sources. This would halt the very circle itself, picking off every last living thing on our planet, ending unbearably with us!

The very fate of our existence lies in the hands of the president, deciding whether or not to act on such atrocities and calamities. It is his or her job to see that the peoples’ wills be carried out. Unfortunately, they rarely get to helping on that level, and barely scratch the surface of the problems and concerns that need to be dealt with. I spoke with my aunt about her political preference. She said that she was not going to vote because of the choices given to her, and after hearing the views of all the candidates, none appealed to her. These presidential candidates, all of which have different outlooks, don’t seem to model the beliefs of my aunt. This to me is the reason why our country is “poor”. Not financially, but in a deeper, more metaphorical sense. “We are given the choice of the better of two or three evils, which is pointless” said my aunt, with a hint of pain in her voice. Knowing I will live to see quite a few more presidents in the coming decades, I just hope and pray that our pick from the litter is not based on who is the least harmful to our society, but the most beneficial contender that can be given by our people.

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spa1mia said...
on Feb. 7 2009 at 6:29 pm
I think your aunt should have had a lively debate with you. Keep them involved and then it is not an audience participation vote.

aaf88 said...
on Feb. 6 2009 at 1:51 am
You have hit the nail on the head!!!

al79 said...
on Feb. 2 2009 at 7:12 am
good stuff!

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