I can and i will

November 20, 2008
By Jessica Livingston, Wheeling, IL

Books neatly on the shelf in ABC order, sweaters hung up in closet, clothes folded and in draws, bed made, and not a thing out of place. That’s what my room looks like…almost. My criminal law and procedure textbook is the only thing that does not have a specific place in my room, because it is always being moved. When I grow up I want to be and assistant district attorney. If you know me you already know that if you don’t then you will be able to tell with in the next 5-10 minutes. If you thinking to your self, isn’t that hard, and how do you know if you can even do it. Then you were just like me. It took me about 3 minutes to step my self out of thoughts like that. I can and will become an ADA, you don’t think so than watch me! I am a very competitive person, I want something I will do anything it takes to get it, even if it means pushing someone (competitor) down to get it. (Metaphorically speaking). How many steps does it take to get there? A lot. I intend to follow each and every one of them and complete them successfully.

The first step I’ll take to become an ADA is college. I want to go to the University of Chicago for two years and then New York University for four. In the process of college I want/will achieve degrees. These degrees are my jurice doctor, pre law, law, masters, and philosophy. These degrees will enhance my chances of being an ADA. I am going to go to school in the morning and work at night, until I’m out of school, than I won’t need my job because I will be qualified to into law. This is the first step I’m taking to the career I was born to do. Some people are born to be soccer moms; I was born to prosecute criminals.

After I am out of college I cannot just become an assistant district attorney. T will need court experience first. Most ADA’s start off as public defenders. This is were I will have to start to. Doing this job is not easy, in fact it is extremely emotional. I can handle it though. Also you have to be able to argue as an ADA. I can do that. For example: my sister and I were fighting/debating. This went on forever. Eventually I got so into it I just had to prove I was right, so I started arguing so hard that Jamie became speechless. I can argue and will argue until I can prove that I’m right. This will help me become an ADA and when I am it will help me win my cases, which will help my career.

Becoming an ADA is my last step. I will need to apply for a job. I will apply ft a good law firm. If you know me you know I won’t stop until I get where I want. I will fulfill my commitment to my self. I will become an ADA.

As you can see I have a plan to become an assistant district attorney. I can and will get there and get the career I want. I am a determined and competitive person and will be successful. This is my future. I will make this happen.

The author's comments:
I am a determined, competative girl. I was inspired to write this because i wanted people to know what i want to do with my life. I hope that the readers who read this get inspired to do what they want to do in life. I want to be really successful in life and when my readers read this i want them to want to become successful to.

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