I'm Different! So What?

November 22, 2008
By Vannah Wallace, Cuba, NY

People say that I'm weird, maybe that's something I can't deny, but maytbe that's a good thing, maybe the world doesn't need any more clones or average stereotypes. I'm done, I'm just myself.
My friends tell me I'm weird all the time, but we consider it a good thing. I mean why are they still friends with me. I believe that all the people who aren't afraid to be weird are cool in my eyes.
There are these girls at my school and we call them the Blondes. Some people absolutely luv 'em, and some people hate them. I'm not going to say names or anything and if you like them, please don't get mad at me or trash talk, or anything else.
These girls act nice to teachers but at school when the teachers are not around they're really mean. They spread rumors about people behind peoples backs and tell lies, make fun of people and have these terrible giddy laughs that I can't stand. You either love them or you hate them. Depends on the person.
Their clique is pretty exclusive. Only the best of the best can decide if you in or your out. I don't really get sometimes why everyone wants to be a part of the group. Ok, well the truth is some of them are not blonde but sometimes they act like it.
My soccer team was filled with all the blondes. One day while practicing for a game, one of the girls said that one of my best friends was a weirdo. I can't say who the girl was either, but it really hurt me, because obviously, I guess they probably thought I was weird too. I heard them also say more terrible things about my closest of friends. Most of the times I kept cool, staying silent. I felt terribble. I still want to tell my friends but I am always worried that if I tell them, they'll hate me. And some of my friends actually like the blondes, or they hate them.
This note is not supposed to be terrible, or make fun of people, or make fun of the blondes. The thing is, the first day you get there, they decide if your cool or not. And I guess they decided I'm weird. But as I said, I think being weird is a good thing. So what, I'm uncool. At least I'm not a clone like the blondes. They all where the same clothes, go to the same parties, and all join the same sports teams and clubs. So if you still think I'm uncool, that's ok with me, but I'm ok with it if people think I'm wierd. And different, so what? I'm ok being myself.

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