The Pit bulls True Nature

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Thousands of Pit Bulls get killed every year just because shelters don’t want to risk taking in a Pit Bull. Many people think that Pit Bulls are born aggressive because of their strength and bad reports on the news. That is not true.

Pit Bulls are active yet very gentle dogs. They are very brave, intelligent, and strong. A sixty-five pound Pit Bull was recorded that he pulled over 2,000 pounds. They are stronger than any other dog breed their size. Amazing!!
Pit Bulls require a lot of training and exercise. They should receive around one to three hours of exercise a day! If they don’t get the amount of exercise needed, then they could show some bad behavior. They also need to be trained earlier in life. Instead of being trained at a couple months old like most breeds, a Pit Bull should be trained at a couple weeks old.
In social life Pit Bulls are used for many daily activities. They make great therapy dogs, hearing dogs, police dogs, herders, guard dogs, and many more. So next time you see a dog working, check what breed it is. It may possibly be a Pit Bull. Besides people wouldn’t let Pit Bulls work if they were born aggressive, right?

Pit Bulls are Bulldogs and Terriers bred together. Back in the days Pit Bulls were bred to fight. Back then they were also used as military dogs, herding dogs, and hunting dogs.

People are demolishing Pit Bulls so much that in 100 years, we could possibly loose the Pit Bull breed. That is pretty sad. Please don’t kill a Pit Bull just because they are a Pit Bull. Look on the bright side. Next time you here something bad about a Pit Bull or go to an animal shelter think twice about the Pit Bulls true nature. If your thinking about adopting a dog don’t be afraid to get a Pit Bull or adopt a dog with Pit Bull in it.

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