Sex Trafficking

November 8, 2013
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When the presence of “sex trafficking” is brought to the attention of society the image of girls being mistreated comes to mind, but does the idea of excruciating pain, those penetrable scars and tears of silence ever create a sound which you’ll listen to? When a young woman in clothes to revealing and heels to high approaches the street, never think it’s because she’s looking for attention, but because her only way of getting attention is auctioning her soul to the biggest bidder. We shield them away by turning our heads afraid of looking into the reality of not caring because they’re story doesn’t affect our “perfect suburban life”. Many of us may believe they choose this lifestyle instead of it being giving to them. Maybe it is easier to believe that it is an empowering choice they have than face the cruel reality of internal abuse, physical and mental abuse, and the pimps that prey on these young women.

Sex trafficking has become the new form of slavery. Woman, children, and even men are sold as property as if their own personal rights have no worth. Treated like priceless, lifeless beings of mankind they are tortured, manipulated, and of all not loved. Brain washed into believing no one cares about them, or they have nothing to look forward to their mind settles into the idea of only being a “laborer of lust”. Not only is sex trafficking nationwide, but even in our neighborhoods, residencies, the places where we call “home” and feel most secure. With the United States being the 2nd highest destination of trafficked women in the world, how many more silenced tears will be cried before the land of “Good hope” unites as one and speaks about the topic? The average cost for a “slave” is 90 dollars. 90 dollars for someone’s life, 90 dollars for the exploitation of their body, 90 dollars to bid away their self respect, confidence, and authority of their identity. Trafficking usually includes having an individual commit to sex acts for the creation of pornography. There are approximately 20-30 million slaves today, each hoping that someone will one day hear their cry.
Almost every child entered into this industry of misery is between the ages of 12-14. Usually young girls, who were once sexually abused in their household, run away from home expecting to free from the suffering, but usually end up causing more suffrage than before. Sex trafficking is important because it’s a modern- day slavery affecting the communities around us, the products we purchase, and the people we care about. Victims of sex trafficking are trapped physically, psychologically, financially, and emotionally by their owners. Human trafficking doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, or religion. Anyone can be a victim. Human trafficking brings high and quick profits with very small start up cost. These people are being sold for barely anything, yet still commit themselves to these harmful crimes to only meet the happiness and desires of someone else. The risk of these pimps being convicted is minor most countries, and punishment for the crimes is some of the lowest.

We as a community must reform together and stop the madness of internal hurt from the pain caused by strangers looking for quick pleasure. Victims are particularly exposed to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and continually experience fear and threats. Many victims of trafficking are bought and sold multiple times, treated like nothing more than a piece of temporary property. These women suffer from violence and rape more than enough pain to bare on one person conscious. We have to be more involved with this issue because we are the voice for the victims. We can speak have someone listen to us when everyone avoids them. As another person of society we should feel obligated to help someone who can’t help themselves. We should also be involved in stopping sex trafficking because it is a type of profit which hurts someone in ways that mentally can never be fixed.

Becoming involved and trying to stop sex trafficking is the best way to abolish this crime for good. Communities have to spread the word, get more youth involved, and have television documentaries with surviving victims who can tell their “story”. Although, this is a very sensitive subject it needs to be spoke upon. Many people have the fear of believing this actually happens in the world, as if avoiding it will be best. We need to create mentoring groups focusing on specifically staying away from situations that can lead you into sex trafficking or how to help someone else.
I would recommend joining the organization of “Innocence Atlanta” because this organization specifically focuses on the voice of the children. It focuses on the freedom and help of the minors who can’t fend for themselves. The campaign mainly focuses on spreading the topic of discussion throughout the communities so that everyone can be notified. Innocence Atlanta fights to preserve the innocence’s of young children, cherishing a Childs pureness.

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