Talking at the Movies

September 18, 2008
Going to movies is something I enjoy and I hate it when people think that they have the right to talk in the middle of a movie that I have paid to see. Not only is it annoying, but rude as well. There are people having conversations in the theater, singing along with the background music, and even throwing things. All are completely fine and dandy under different circumstances, just not while I am trying to watch a movie.

It was back in seventh grade that I had an unfortunate event at the movies. My friends and I went to see a movie almost every weekend. I loved to watch scary movies with my friends and had been looking forward to seeing this particular one for weeks and weeks. It was the opening weekend of The Ring Two and I was so excited. However, my joy did not last as there were many students from Carver attending the movie.

A whole bunch of people from school went to see the movie, but I was just going with my friends, Shelby, Katie, Erika, Hannah, and maybe a few others. We all met at Shelby’s house because we were all going to spend the night together once the movie was over. So we all met and dropped our bags off at Shelby’s house and went off to the movie theater. The group from my school took up about two rows in the theater and I was on the end of my group.

Once the movie started, some of the kids got loud and threw some candy around. They were disturbing every other person who was trying to watch the movie and they didn’t care. My group of friends and I, except Hannah, did not do anything at all. Hannah was sitting right next to me and was also throwing some candy around and being loud. Everyone in the theater was complaining about the noise and the food, but they would not stop. Towards the end of the movie, the theater security guard came to escort all of us out of the theater. The security guard pointed her flashlight at me and told me to go with her, but my friend Hannah got to stay. I was the last person to have to leave. I was so nervous and I thought I would get into a lot of trouble, but the security guard just told us to leave. Hannah was staying the night with all of us and I was really mad at her because she thought it was funny that I had to go outside with everyone else.

My friends got to stay in and see the end of the movie while every person in the theater cheered as the rest of us left. I didn’t do anything, but I still had to leave and wait outside for my friends to get out. I had been looking forward to seeing that movie for so long and I was pretty upset when I had to miss the last fifteen or twenty minutes of it. Shelby’s mom, Sharon, picked us up once the movie got out. Sharon is the counselor at our old elementary school and the security guard was my old D.A.R.E. officer. She saw Sharon and decided to come over and say hi to everyone. Officer Still didn’t realize that she had asked me to leave and I just sat there and looked out the window of the van hoping that she wouldn’t recognize me.

That night I was punished for something I didn’t do; it’s not a good feeling. I still haven’t seen the end of The Ring Two yet and it has been a long time. That night really made me appreciate proper movie theater etiquette. Now when I go to movies I always notice when someone is talking or singing. I think it is really distracting and annoying. And I always think that someone should come and escort them outside.

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