Moment of Silence

June 30, 2013
By lily9799 PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
lily9799 PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
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"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." -Voltaire

A moment of silence. A moment, a short period of time. Silence, no sound. What does a short period of no sound do? What is its purpose? We assemble together and we take our moment on cue. I try to focus on the tragedy. I put myself in their situation. Into the shoes of the people who cared about them left living. My stomach becomes tight and the corners of my eyes sting.

My mind moves to the people around me, sitting, silent. How do they feel? Are they contemplating what has happened? Or are they thinking of the test they have next hour? My own thoughts move to my class, Chemistry next. What does a moment of silence do?

Suddenly, it abruptly ends. The announcements continue, with achievements and canceled events. Students whisper to one another, talking of rumors and classes and weekends. I wonder about that moment. What did it mean? What was its point?

People recognize what has happened. That is what we do, but it’s more. We all share a moment, not in our minds maybe, but in our voices. We all stay silent, no matter what we think of. The thought, though, is what should count. Shouldn’t it? Or is it the idea of thought? Thinking of them, no matter what you think of them, is what matters. Silence, it unifies. It does not show opinion on religion, political, society, or beliefs. When put into a moment, it only shows that a tragedy has taken place.

The author's comments:
What does it mean when we all stop for that moment?

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