Rise Up and Live

June 3, 2012
It’s beautifulll jouney filled with colours, so spread the smile…..
Lets pretend you just had a tough time at work or you just went throught a bad family problem or you just got dumped. Does feel like crying doesn’t it? Well, do me a favour. Get out of that bed , open your window, get out of that door , look up , look left, look right. Billions of different kind of people, bisexuals, handicapped, mentally challenged, and so many other endless possiblites. And there you are probably with a bad family problem and you think you face all the problem? Go to a slum, look at the kids, look at how they have their recreation. The point is, youre lucky , well I guessd that cause youre reading this article with your air condition on, high speed wifi, red bull at the right side of your laptop, and an Iphone or a blackberry in your pocket and there you got a voice mail. Now do me another favour,stop reading this after this full stop and do the following, get out of that door, switch off your “mood spoiler” namely phone, go out there and look at the world, Some of you maybe, as per saying say “you cant live without your so called boyfriend or girlfriend” but look at those poor people with nothing but 2 pairs of clothes, no green card, no visa, no mood spoiler, no red bull, no parties, nothing all they do is just enjoy and accept whatever they have. Don’t you think by doing that all of our lives could eventually turn a little better? Try, go out there explore the world, it has endless possibilities with so much to discover, so much to see, so much to handel. Sitting there and waiting for life to pick you out of your bed and lead through your destiny isn’t gonna take place. Your life would be what is written, agreed on that, but having the “go by time: attitude will just turn your life into an iron waiting for the galvanizing material and before it gets galvanized it’ll be rusted. Get out there you, look at this amazing master piece God has gifted us with. There are 6 billion people on earth and if you cant sort thing out with someone it isn’t your fault, go ahead make new friends, interact, roam around on the streets, see the real world. I still remember how one of my friend who used to get physically abused at his house was so natural with us, he had no complains , no regrets just one “live life” attitude. People, this is it maybe the calendar thing is right, well, you could have the “oh the world is ending I have to wake up, stop being so depressed and live” attitude but if the calendar is right or wrong doesn’t matter. Its this beautifull world people, get out there see the possibilities, see how everyone cops up with their problems and you can count on me with this- Use this beautifull colourfull worldm trust it and it would surely bring shine to your life. Now go right there, don’t let those tears come out, CELEBRATE and love? Yes before you meet the right one you have to bear with the bad ones and have experience. As the saying says “ The sun doesn’t shine before the night ends”.

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