I Dare You

March 7, 2012
By Athena Balles BRONZE, Covington, Washington
Athena Balles BRONZE, Covington, Washington
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World Vision is doing something called ACT:S during Lent. It's a Relentless Act of Sacrifice for every week of Lent. I believe this is week two, but I challenge you to check it out. It's a place where you can have a freedom of creativity to make a difference. Whether it's deciding to do something different for yourself, or inspiring others to join you in your movement. The first week was sacrificing your surroundings. This means to change the way you live, whether by not using blankets or pillow when you sleep for a day, or not using furniture. It's about sacrificing what we take for granted. It may be posting pictures on your wall of those you want to pray for. It's about opening yourself up, and freeing yourself from simple distractions, and instead focus on those in need. ACT:S provides videos from those involved in the organization as well as ideas and statements of what others are choosing to do to make a difference, whether as an individual or a group.

The second week, is sacrificing what feeds you. This may mean experiencing different cultures through foods from around the world, or choosing not to eat specific foods or food at all to open your eyes to what people go through every day. The website provides recipes from around the world. It may be filling your mind with useful information instead of unnecessary news, or impacting knowledge instead of drama. Maybe you could dedicate the time you would spend on Facebook, researching a group of people in need, or an individual or a whole country. You can feed your mind with the understanding of an issue and become aware of what people encounter ever day, and stand up for what you now know. Ideas posted are only spending $15 for a week on food, or donating the money you would spend on going out to eat to an organization who helps those in need. Or only listening to uplifting music or spending less time on the computer. Eating only rice and beans or asking those you're eating with to join in prayer.

By choosing to experience what others go through is allowing yourself to be opened up to the secrets and hidden truth we push aside. We turn our eyes away from those who are screaming out, and pleading for help. We walk away from those who are hopeless, sick or dying. And we turn our backs on those who are desperate for a smile. Why don't we reach out, and touch the hearts of those who are hurting. Why don't we choose to meet eyes, and ignite a fire within not only their hearts, but ours. The most amazing feeling is putting someone before yourself, and experiencing true love between you and a stranger. Whether it's helping someone at a grocery store, picking something up when someone drops it, praying for someone in need, giving food or money to homeless man or woman, and allowing your eyes to be open, and their lives to be forever impacted by the kindness of even a simple gesture or single second.

I challenge you to take join the movement. To experience a new world. A world we live in. I challenge you to break the barriers between rich and poor, useful and worthless. I challenge you to join together, to make a difference and make our world one.


Go out and do something. I dare you.

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