"Up in Flames"

January 14, 2012
By Anonymous

I do not have any followers on here but I am glad to tell a story. I am only fifteen and I am still trying to find out who I am. Everyday feels the same to me. I guess its society to blame for judging people. I myself care what people think about me and I want to change that. Wearing all this name brand s*** and whether your cool or not. I also want to change the way I act when I am with certain people. If I like her a lot still who cares. I want to work on standing up for myself. As a person once told me "your a twig" "loser" that stuff gets me. I love my family, without them I definitely wouldn't be in the same place as i am in now. This is all original and i hope that never changes. This is me talking to myself at 12;30 and I feel the need to let it out. Ive realized that it doesn't matter were you came from, what you do, what you wear. What really matters is who someone really is. It matters who a person can be around friends and family. People change and some don't. I am not the type to say I told you so. If anyone read this, don't think I am asking for sympathy. All I am asking for is if anyone knows how I feel I appreciate it. Title is the song I am listening to. Hear me out. Thank you.

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