Killing In the Name

January 6, 2012
By serendipitous_rendevous BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
serendipitous_rendevous BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Why do we make excuses for murder and inhumane slaughter when there are plenty of laws and morals that go against it? We send our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers overseas to stand on the front line and we claim that the bullets they take are for the good of our country, that it had to be done, but what are we fighting for? We try to tell ourselves that the wars we are funding are to get rid of the bad people in the world, we say that they're terrorists and murderers, our enemies, but innocent mothers and children are killed...we leave children without a father to look up to, and instill an image of violence into their minds, leaving implications that it's natural, and then we wonder why we can't stop crime.

Why is shooting someone on the street any different from killing someone overseas? Is it because they're not from the same country that we're from? Because they're skin color's different? Murder, no matter what excuses we make, is still murder. You can brainwash soldiers into believing that they're fighting for some greater cause, and that it'll save us all and end the violence, but a war does not change the fact that we have become monsters. We have created a race of murderers and hypocrites, and, if we continue down the road that we're traveling on, war will not cease until there's no one left to kill.

War is not natural. You can think of it that way, you can say that it IS right, because you're standing up for what you want, but it's not. We were not born killers. We were not made to destroy each other. Our genetics gave us the POTENTIAL for war, and us being the most advanced and dominant race on the planet, should have enough common sense, enough will power, enough compassion and understanding, to realize that just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean that it should be. There are so many possibilities beyond what we choose to resort to...the only reason we haven't achieved peace is because we don't believe in ourselves enough to believe that it's possible.
Imagine your loved one on the other side of that gun, the bullet damaging their face beyond it still the right thing to do?

The author's comments:
Murder is wrong, even if it's "for the good of our country."

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