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December 11, 2011
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Americans are sick with affluenza. We have flat screen televisions, computers, cell phones, and substantial amounts of money. We have so much more than many people around the world. We have efficient medicines and safe homes. But best of all (and sadly, the least thought of) is that we have clean water.

Currently, almost one billion people are deprived of clean water world-wide. That’s one in every seven people! Many of these people are located in developing or non-developed countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Asia, and Central and South America. “This is a water crisis because it starts with water. But water affects everything: education, health, poverty, and especially women and children.”

“A family living in the water crisis is likely to live on less than a dollar a day and they cannot just go to a faucet and get water. Instead, the women and children have to go off to collect water.” Women and children spend up to three hours per day gathering water. They head to the nearest source (a pond, lake or river) and the walk isn’t a casual stroll. They are alone and burdened with about 40 pounds of water and the walks are difficult and dangerous. They can get injured or even be subject to attack. The time spent gathering clean water for them and their families could be spent going to school, learning to read and write, raising a family, going to work, or other important, necessary daily activities that Americans take for granted. The water that they are able to collect is usually contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and/or sewage (from animals and humans) which can cause diarrhea, dehydration, and even death. Sometimes they are aware of this. But what other choice do they have? There are typically no clean water sources remotely close to their homes. “Kids, especially babies, are affected most by the germs in the water. About every 19 seconds, a mother loses one of her children to a water-related illness.”

That’s why Charity: water was created. Fundraisers and donations towards this foundation go one hundred percent to acquiring clean, easily accessible water to people around the world in need. Charity: water travels to villages with awesome volunteers who hunt for a nearby source of clean water – almost always it happens to be an underground source. The volunteers then spend time building a well, water filtration system or pump system for the entire community. These wells save lives. They reduce disease and money spent on medicine, “which means more money for books and school uniforms” and allow people to spend time going to school or work and caring for their family and household. “And if the water project is built near a school, it can increase attendance, especially among young girls.” Clean water leads to a happier, cleaner, safer life.

Our goal is to reach out to these one billion people and provide them with the clean water they need. Just 20 dollars can provide clean water to one person, and “this will mean more than clean water.” We are here to help, to provide the basis for better lives. You can join our cause by going onto our website and starting your own water project. Give up your birthday presents, run a marathon, climb a mountain, fundraise. Smile, because you can change lives today. Water changes everything.

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