How To Stop Materialism

December 6, 2011
By Anonymous

My opinion on how and why people are materialistic is just how Americans evolved. When the first technology was introduced it made a lot of people buy it for example a car. I think this made businesses want to make more new and advanced technologies so they can make money, and now every one buys new things for themselves and that is why i think Americans are materialistic.

I think that materialism isn’t a bad thing but i do think we could get rid of advertisements.I think that if there weren’t a lot of advertisements on newspapers, television and computers , and while you are on the road Americans would spend much less on things that were advertised and Americans wouldn’t be as much materialistic as they were before in the past. This would help Americans not waste money on things and have money for things that are necessary. We also may not be in such a big debt that we are in today.
Although Americans are materialistic and will never change the way they spend money, unless we make the change. Money isn’t the problem. People are materialistic because they choose to be materialistic. This is why we are the most materialistic country on the planet. People buy what they want and they don’t think twice about it. We can lower the amount of spending by taking down advertisements. The bottom line is that we Americans are still materialistic today and can change our ways with simple steps.

The author's comments:
It was an essay for my english class and i wanted to see if we could stop being materialistic.I cant do it alone so i hope anyone who reads this can help

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