Masks of a Teen Girl

December 3, 2011
By nealboro31 BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
nealboro31 BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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Its not about what you have done, its about who you are.

What is Beauty? This is a question that teen girls ask every day. We cover ourselves in makeup, we wax our bodies and we reveal our bodies but is that necessary. We create attitudes and personalities that we consider the be the "popular" one. We never actually take the time to look in the mirror at ourselves and really try and figure out who we are, we just wake up and put a mask on every morning whether it be the athlete, the class clown, or the mean girl it could also be the fake christian who puts it on just for her family. Whoever you are, whatever you do every girl wants to be noticed but instead of putting on the mask that every girl puts on maybe we should remove all of our masks and be ourselves. That is when we become unique, that is when we stand out. We were made to be us not to be the fake every day "popular" girl. Popularity is something we create because we are to insecure to actually stand up and say it is okay to just be me. So is today the day you will remove your mask or is it the day you just become like everyone else. Fake.

The author's comments:
I found beauty when i realized i am who i am and that's all u want to be.

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