A Dream

November 15, 2011
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How wonderful it would be if all pedophiles were shot, drowned, injected, and eradicated from the midst of decent people? This is a dream shared by many. How wonderful it would it be if molestation was stopped, permanently? It would be wonderful indeed, but very unwise. It would be unwise because God put them here, for a unique reason, even if we cannot see why hundreds of children must be abused, used, and victimized. Secondly, the only entity that has a right to cease someone's life is God. Even a pedophile is a child of God, like all of us, and we should not harm each other. Furthermore, why should you tarnish your soul with murder? Why should you lower yourself and disregard “Thou shalt not kill”? Barring the religious and spiritual side, though, wiping pedophiles out is still a terrible idea. Everyone has someone they dislike, hate, and disagree with. If everyone erased the people they despised there would be no one left. In essence, though it may be a wonderful fantasy to imagine such sick people gone, it will have to stay as just that: a fantasy.

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