Harm of Hate

November 3, 2011
By DanielleH BRONZE, GLENDALE, Arizona
DanielleH BRONZE, GLENDALE, Arizona
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Discrimination is a major problem for teenagers. How could it not be when the media is constantly telling them how they should look and act? Who is to say that being skinny or fit is the only way to look good? The world is screaming expectations which are causing today’s teens to crumble under the pressure of perfection. Discrimination is effecting teens by causing constant striving, self hate and self harm.

Discrimination is effecting teens by causing them to constantly be striving. Turn on the TV and try to find one actress, one singer or one model that isn’t extremely skinny with perfect teeth and hair. Teens look up to these people and strive to reach the perfection these celebrities appear to have. There are very few role models that speak encouragement over teens; they need someone to tell them they are already perfect and to believe in themselves. In the end, the effects of negative role models change those who look up to them. The sweet, innocent girl gets caught up in the “cool” life of drugs and partying. The happy, little boy ends up wasting his whole life away at the gym because he was told he’s too small. Because of discrimination, teenagers spend their lives reaching for perfection, but never being good enough.

Self hate is another negative effect of discrimination. Most teens suffer from depression because they feel like they just aren’t good enough. These teens have bought into the lies spoken to them. They truly believe they are worthless. This causes a major drop in their self confidence. They may become silent and try to fade into the background. The words that are spoken to teens have a dangerous power over how they view themselves.

One of the more dangerous effects of discrimination is self harm. Many girls feel like they need to be skinnier; thus anorexia and bulimia are growing problems in teen girls. Guys feel like they need to be muscular so they compensate by doing steroids, affecting them physically and emotionally. Teens who become depressed from hateful words spoken over them may start cutting themselves. Others who just feel a strong desire to be accepted and liked will start to do drugs and going to parties. It is unacceptable for anyone to think so lowly of themselves that they would resolve to harm their own bodies.

Overall, teens everywhere are committing the crime and being the victim of discrimination. Most of them don’t realize how serious the effects of discrimination are. It is time to take a stand against this problem causing the hate and harm of those who are constantly striving to be better in the world’s eyes.

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