Should Teens Be Able To Drive If They Think They're Ready?

October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

It is my belief that teens should be able to drive if they pass the driving tests. I, like most teens, think that I’m ready to drive. I am mature and responsible enough to follow the rules of the road. In the state of New York the age of which a person can start driving is 16 with a permit, than at 17 that person can get a license. Many teens think they should be able to drive at a younger age and that there should not be an age limit for driving. I solemnly agree.
Adults think that since the number one cause of deaths to teens is car crashes then the age for driving should be bumped up by a few years, but if they added a maturity test along with the driving tests that would not be a problem. A maturity test would determine if a person is mature enough to handle driving. The D.M.V would also have to make certain requirements so a person can physiccal drive such as height and weight, for safety precautions.

To close my case, I want to give one more example, if you’re not yet seeing things my way. All people are allowed to do anything that they want as long as there good at it. In school if you are great in one subject teachers may give a person more privileges. So if let a teen drive a car and if they’re good at driving, then we should let them drive

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