Popularity in 66 Days: Are You in The Game?

June 19, 2011
I’ll be the first to admit it. I want to be popular.
I’ve had enough of the “Be yourself” kind of pep talks, the sugary sweet appreciation that only your parents can give you. I’ve cruised the periphery of the social hierarchy for awhile now, certainly not popular- but not exactly the school pariah, either. I’m that girl that they call “independent” and don’t give a second glance. I’ve been that for 14 years, and I’m ready to turn a new page in the book of my life.
High School is the perfect time for a reinvention. And I’m ready to whatever it takes- short of selling my soul to the devil to be popular.
So here’s the plan: It’s 66 short days until school starts again. Every weekday, come here for a heart-wrenching, self-depreciative teen trying to figure out the popularity game.
A word to the wise: I’m too far gone. No comment about how being different is special will be able to be shock me out of my longing.
Humans are generally selfish people, and that’s exactly why I’m writing this blog here- I want others to share in my misery if I fail. And that’s exactly why you should come back day after day, whether or not you follow my advice- hungry for more: because if I fail, you’ll have something to gloat about. But if I succeed? Well, let’s just say I will be a lot busier this school year!
“Do you want love? Or you want fame? Are you in the game?”

Tomorrow's Article: Being Smart vs. Being Cool- Does it have to be a choice?

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