I hate...

June 9, 2011
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I hate:

*Being talked about- I can't stand hearing my name in a conversation even though I know they are trying to help.

*my apperance- I don't like the way I look anymore. I've gained weight since the depression,anxiety,and medication and I can't stand looking at my gross self- and yes people have commented on my increased weight- making me feel even worse

*not being able to sleep- why can I just fall into bliss? Why can I just shut my eyes? I'm tired and hate being awake.

*feeling misunderstood by my friends- they just can't relate or understand.

*having to worry about small things like getting fathers day presents or my dad a birthday present.

*being alone everynight- I can't talk to anyone without feeling guilty.

*being pumped up with medication- it makes me feel so different.

*that my mom has had to alter her life in order to make sure I'm alright- and I can't even do that for her. I can't be alright even for one night.

If you couldn't tell- I'm having an awful night. I can't stop crying. I have a cold- my nose won't stop running.I have an awful headache. I have no one to talk to. I have no one to hug. I want my life back.

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