Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

May 24, 2011
By TashaBoss BRONZE, Esbon, Kansas
TashaBoss BRONZE, Esbon, Kansas
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"All in All we're just another brick in the wall"- Pink Floyd. Those are the words of a song;moreover, an anthem that I believe a number of brazen, angsty,borderline, rebellious teenagers can relate to. The song itself went platinum more than 20 times; so it had to be reaching out to someone. But that was the 70s; this is now. Where are the figures that can cause a revolution, or a revolt, for that matter, with the youth of this century? In this day and age I feel there is so many kids who have something to say,to stand for- whether it be good or bad, but they hide behind a faux docile nature just because we are so different- what with the clothes we wear, the music on our iPods, our financial status, our sexuality,etc... Regardless though, we still seem to find ourselves all lost in the system. Thrown out to the wolves- by whomever.
My intention for this is not to glorify rioting or any act that would potentially lead to turmoil. Because for some kids who have just had enough of the bullying and neglect when they hear songs like "The Happiest Days of our Lives(Brick in the Wall)" or see things on television it strikes the wrong chord and that's perhaps why some kids do school shootouts and that kind of thing. No one sees those kids as troubled though. The media and their communities dub them as ne'er do-wells and send them to rot away in prison. They never had a chance; just to be born into the system and die in it too. It is disheartening to try and fathom how in this situation kids just on the brink of starting their own lives take those of the kids who are, also. When in the end it was just a wild impulsive action fueled by their own inner discontent, that will more than likely be regretted forever. By then though it's too late.
I hope more is being done to prevent these kind of problems in our society and also just bring some sense of belonging to the kids who have the strong personalities and eccentricities. People need to make a difference for the youth, so that the youth can make a difference for the world. This should be the same for the media, government, and pop-culture also. Needless to say, I refuse to be just another brick in the wall- let us join together to become the wall.

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