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May 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes I wonder what kind of world do we live it. Where teenagers go against the rules do drugs and drink, where lives are lost every day and where people resort to killing themselves because their life is too much for them. I think about life all the time… It fascinates me that in your life you see millions of people and do you even know half of them? Most don’t even know one percent and the sad thing is that if we just got to know those millions of people maybe, just maybe we’d be better off. So many people suffer in life. Why? Why do some people live a brilliant life and other have to deal with suffering and sorrow? I know if half of my friends were too seeing this they’d laugh call me gay, but why? Is it because they know it’s the truth or they simply can’t comprehend that they can help or maybe it’s because they don’t care about anyone else? But really if people truly listen I believe change can be made. I know a lot of people my age, 16, who smoke, drink even do drugs. And the fact of the matter is that they think that it is okay… And why do they think it is okay? Because in this thing we call reality, ‘everyday life’ kids are brought up seeing this… If it’s this bad now just think of future generations. It makes me cringe at the thought. But if something were to change if we all were to help maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. It is to my dismay that this entire paragraph is filled with maybes and ifs but nothing can happen unless we forcibly change it. Who are we to care about this you ask? Why does it matter if people in other countries suffer it doesn’t affect me? Just think what if it was you. Would you want help? I often visit the city and it absolutely destroys me when I see people on the streets. They don’t have to be there, yet they are. Why? Some say its destiny and others say its karma. But you can change your destiny and karma well; it is what you make of it. My parents always push me to do my best in school or in sports. But really if you think about it we are what we are, no matter how much we study or how much we practice were still going to be able to do what we did before. In my opinion its extra stress. Everyone strives to have a perfect life for them, for their kids even for their grandchildren. Isn’t it possible for them to be happy without everything? Without the fancy cars and the huge house? If you really need those items are you truly happy? What has everything come too? What have we become…?

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