Bullying Needs to Stop

April 22, 2011
By RRBB77 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
RRBB77 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I have a friend who is currently fighting a war against another girl at school. It’s so bad that even the teachers are involved. To say that my friend is the instigator would be a big, fat lie. She is a victim of bullying.

I have been an eye-witness to bullying, and, as most of you know, it’s not pretty. When you hear of someone bullying another individual, you think stealing someone’s lunch money. But it’s much more than that. Physical abuse is bad, but, in my opinion, verbal abuse can be much worse.

Someone needs to tell me this: What satisfaction does someone get from hurting another’s feelings? I can admit, I often say mean words; who doesn’t? However, I almost always feel bad afterwards. A bully can call someone very harsh names, and then walk away guilt-free. That repulses me.

Another thing I don’t understand is why bullies do what they do. It’s like they can’t live without seeing a victim cower in fear. Is it the need to feel inferior? Is it pride? Is it because they want a reputation? Is it insecurity? No matter how hard I try, I can never find the logic behind bullying.

There are several reasons as to why bullying needs to be stopped. I think the most important reason is what bullying does to the victim. There are so many teens out there who are bullied all their lives and then do irrational things. I’ve heard too many stories about teenagers taking their own lives because of bullying. I’ve also heard a story about a boy who died of a broken heart. That’s not just a figure of speech; on his death certificate, it actually says he died of a broken heart. He just wanted to stop living.

As well as taking their own lives, bullied victims may take others’, as well. There are often school shooting that all go back to bullying. It’s really a sad thing to hear about.

I don’t believe bullies are affected by bullying, but I do think there is a reason behind it. I’m not saying this gives them an excuse, just that there’s a reason. I think bullies usually have something going on in their family or they are just insecure. Maybe they just want attention. Whatever the reason, teachers or family members need to talk to the bullies and reason with them.

Bullying is a problem all around the United States. I am speaking for all victims when I say that something needs to be done about bullies. Whether it is verbal or physical abuse, it is wrong and just flat out mean. By letting the number of bullied victims grows, America would be saying that they just don’t care. How much longer before America accepts stealing? Or child labor? Or maybe even murder?

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