The World if filled with all about me-rs

March 20, 2011

Why do people (all about me-rs) think that the world is theirs? The people that disrespect the work force by giving unnecessary comments about how they perform their job, and tell the workers to change the way they do their job usually just to benefit them. This is not right; the person is only doing as told there is no reason to get in their face about it. These people think it is their world and we just all live in it.

I had an experience at Deer Valley ski resort, when the resort was packet because the resort was packed a tram was sent to pick up the people from the parking lot. The trams were filling up and this man comes and says to the tram driver, “You are doing this wrong. You should start form the bottom and work your way up”. As I heard this I thought “This man is just holding up the tram and is just going to make the ride longer for him and others.” When we came back around he stopped the tram again and started speaking to the tram driver in a disrespectful and rude voice and all of us on the tram are saying, let’s go and for the man to be quiet we are waiting and we want to ski. We had put up with enough of this so a few skiers defended the tram driver and said to the man “Be quite the people up in the higher parking lots have been waiting longer.” an after the man was quiet and we were on are way.

This is a good example of the all about mers they do not care about any person around them, except maybe a family member. In some cases some the all about mers don’t even care about their own family. This situation is like a diseases it can affect every on around the infected person but it has a cure. All we need to do is make these people aware of how ridiculous their behavior is, and maybe they will stop. Some people are just stubborn and still don’t care these are the worst of the worst we need to help these people as much as we can, but if it is not enough don’t waste too much time if it has no effect. And if your attempts fail try your best to tell them what’s wrong in public so you will have a better effect on them.

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