Letter to President Obama

January 20, 2011
By Giannamarie SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Giannamarie SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Dear President Barack Obama,

January 20, 2011

Like Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Why are we not doing anything to stop the genocide in Darfur? Millions of people are dying and being treated horribly. We need to stand up for these people and save their lives!

We changed the law of segregation and now we need to change the genocide in Darfur to no genocide. There are four million displaced, two million dead, and three million in camps. We are letting the Sudanese government get away with genocide. It’s like we are letting the Sudanese government recreate what Hitler did to all the Jews and people who didn’t fit his needs.

China also has been helping out the Sudanese government down in Darfur. The only thing China wants is oil, so that it will give them more money. So they are letting innocent people to be shot, raped, and even burned to death. It is wrong for the to help out! Why can’t they just stay out of it and stand up for the people in Darfur? China should really stop, think, and realize what they are doing to these people.

Most important, millions of children are threatened and told to kill their families. The boys in Darfur have been told that they need to kill their families and join the government or be killed! That is horrible! Why are they making these little boys do that?! The young girls in Darfur are being raped and beaten to death. I know you have two daughters of your own. Can you imagine what it would be like if your family lived down there and that happened to your family?! It would be horrible. The young children need all the help they can get!

Some may argue that we should mind our own business and stay out of it, but why should we? The weakness is the United Nations hasn’t declared this genocide. We need to stand up for them and make their lives better. So we need to give the United Nations proof about what’s going on in Darfur. With your help, we can show and tell the United Nations that this is genocide. Please consider what I have said.

Remember hate is powerful; but if we allow love and peace to grow we will become stronger. I have witnessed people on the Holocaust Museum website telling me about the horrible things going on in Darfur. I would like you to consider what I’ve said. I really want to help these people and make a difference. But with your help the voices of the world will become stronger and then we will end genocide.


Gianna M.Z.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to let President Obama and people of this world know that the people in Darfur need our help!

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