The Animal Within

December 7, 2010
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The human mind is a complicated jungle upon which our childhood Tarzan adventures have reeked havoc. Our parents, while having the best intentions in mind, are lost. How is it that we even become “adults”? When do we stop being that three year old who needs help tying their shoes? Several undeveloped souls are forced into “adulthood,” but in truth the only thing that separates the children from the adults is a false sense of superiority.

How is it that people became the way we are today? Have we truly evolved at all? We can walk upright, have complicated language systems, but the true change is our knowledge of physiological warfare. It is our deepest fears and crevasses of the mind that those who hope to stay sane shy away from, and that those who hope to break us completely attack. A demented soul is one which will attack your weakest points, and hope to dissipate any fragment of hopefulness.

We wander the hallways of our lives trying to decipher the foreign languages, and hidden rooms that beckon our names. We post pictures and secret messages of love, and those who are lucky, find peace in a private room, but the trials along the way are numerous and relentless. The hallway is full of hidden passage ways that lead to the darkest dungeons with the most unspeakable horrors of betrayal, rape, and lost love. There is a point when one becomes lost in the never end
ing labyrinth trying to find the truth, and our internal voices scream, “Why?” until reality is forced into a fantasy in which one’s self finally finds the slightest bit of peace.

The soul is hungry, starving, thirsting for love and acceptance. We are animals, primal, hunting, and simple-minded, but twisted with the mellow points of civil obedience. We have been domesticated, and for the life of me I cannot decide if this is good. In society, all subjects seem to have only extremist options; one is to either hate or love; no middle ground is allowed. There may come a day when the politeness of society and its rules will cause our minds to turn to mush. The advice from self esteem pamphlets say that inward appearance is all that counts, but I don’t think the world cares about inward appearances if outward appearance doesn’t measure up. The-tuck-in-your-shirt schools and every-girl-must-wear-make-up magazines may have succeeded in making the masses superficial, but maybe we were actually born that way.

What I believe the human race lacks is a sense of unity; despite race, hair color, background, sexual orientation or gender, we are all one of the same. When we as people, refuse to see the human in the “ugly” or foreign or faraway country, we cause hate. We hear of wars and devastation, but it is never seen it or truly felt. People categorize one another, but that is just a defense mechanism, so to not feel the guilt. How can we be proud of our evolution into adults when we are merely amoebas floating in the primordial juices destroying one another with sticks and stones? I ask when will we honestly grow up?

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