Distracions Incognito

August 20, 2010
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To schools cell phones are large distractions to the learning environment, but what about all the little things that doesn’t seem to be a legit distraction but really are? Little things like odor, clicky pens, tapping, snot and pretty people are very distracting; even more so than a cell phone. They are distractions in disguise, darn those little things!
Odor can really hinder a student from taking a test. If you’re sitting next to someone who has a really strong stench of a floral Chanel Number 5 perfume or bad B.O, it’s hard to concentrate. You’re sitting there, breathing, trying to take your test and every time you inhale your nostrils are filled with a foul smell. If every time you inhale and smell something gross, you don’t want to breathe. So if you can’t breathe you can’t take your test, thus it’s a distraction. Smells should be kept in moderation.
Clicky pens could very well possibly be the most annoying thing in a class room. If you’re trying to take notes and Jim Bob is clicking his little heart away, all you want to do is turn around, take his pen and chunk it across the class room. But you don’t, you sit there quietly attempting to take notes over the purpose of life, refraining from a violent outburst.
While trying to ignore the clicking pens, Cindy Lou is tapping her nails on the table. So between the clicking pen, and tapping, all you want to do is deck Jim Bob and slap Cindy Lou. Thus, another distraction. THEY MAKE NON-CLICKING PENS AND FINGER NAIL CLIPPERS FOR A REASON PEOPLE!
Snot, ew, snot is gross. Nobody wants to hear you blowing your nose and nobody wants to hear you sniffle your winter cold away well into spring. Gee, you Snifflers take some Claritin or something. If you’re sick, please don’t come to school, we don’t want to hear the mucus having a party in your sinuses and no we don’t want to go to the party, don’t invite us, we don’t want to get sick! Sheesh!
So let me paint this picture for you. In class you’re testing and Joe is sniffling, you look up to see Sam or Samantha (depending on your tastes) the prettiest person you’ve ever seen in your life. They have pretty blonde, blonde hair, ocean like blue eyes, and freckles you could play connect the dots with. They are the kind of pretty that makes Megan Fox look like dirt. You keep staring, and totally disregard what’s going on and va-bam you’ve missed the lecture. Not only have you missed out on new material, you’ve more than likely set your self on a path to a creeper persona. So how do you explain this to your parents? “Sorry mom I failed ‘cause there is this hot person in my class, blah, blah, blah. I’m an idiot”. Thus, once again, another distraction.
Teachers, doctors, and parents don’t seem realize how distracting little things are. The little distractions in disguise are going to be the death of high school students. So maybe cell phones aren’t that bad in a learning environment.

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