Christian Leadership

July 30, 2010
As Christians, we are called to be leaders. As leaders we are called to set an example by being Christlike in everything we do. And yes, by everything I mean even when we're angry with people. This is something I personally have struggled with recently. Often times, when I'm angry with someone, I have trouble controlling my words and actions. However, it is okay to be angry at times. Even Jesus grew angry. An example is in Matthew 23. Jesus grows angry at the Pharisees, calling them hypocrites. As you see, it's okay to become angry. It's just how you handle it that really matters. We should compose ourselves before we react. Tell the person what made you angry, or simply walk away. By doing this, we set the example and show that we are the more mature person. So take a deep breath, walk away, and vent by either writing it down or talking to a parent or trusted friend.

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megan H. said...
Jul. 29, 2012 at 9:06 am
I love Mathew 23. Amazing verse
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