June 30, 2010
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You ever wonder why people make fun of other people? You ever thought what makes that person better than you? I believe that the only reason why people act like that is because they are insecure about themselves, they aren't happy with what they look like so they make other feel sad and insecure about themselves.I feel that people feel like they need the best to be the best we all are self conscience i guess I'm just the first to admit it. People who think that just because you don't dress a certain way are good enough they shouldn't be accepted. I wonder how the world will be if we didn't have money, cars, cloths, shoes, and more material things what will we humans have to fun of then who's feet is dirtier? If we all just learn to be our selves then maybe we wont be so segregated and have hatred toward each other. In the beginning none of that stuff existed cell phones, ipods, mp3, nothing. All there was people trying to make a better life, but its just like when racism was taking place and if you weren't a certain color you were considered low class a slave. If only people knew what it was like on the other end then maybe they wouldn't do it as much or at all.

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sweet_silent_surenity said...
Jul. 8, 2010 at 9:28 pm

I don't know if you meant to or not, but you have stumbled upon one of the most debated age-old questions. Is human nature really good? With every question there are answers of every opinion.

The first is the negative. Some say that if killing was a legal practice, people would kill each other for even the smallest things. We would kill for different gender, race, eye color, hair color, beliefs, culture, and every other thing imaginable. Then one day, under a sad sky, there would be tw... (more »)

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