Saying Goodbye to Perfection

Dear Perfection,
Hi there, this is Jennie H. We've never officially met, but I've done everything possible to reach you. No, not only did I want to meet you, but-get this- I, unique Jennie H, wanted to BE you-perfection. But guess what perfection- You are NO ONE. You have nothing for me, and I'm MUCH better off by myself without you in my life-being goofy, quirky, imperfect & "Just good enough"-ME!! I'm not sure why I spent so much time looking for you when you clearly want to be alone, with no one to bother you & your perfect self, but I for one must be off to do better things now-enjoying icecream that is messy & delicious, having conversations where I say the wrong thing but learn something along the way, and dance around in my "almost clean" room to my favorite music just a little too loud-Waste of time? That's what you think, because see- You may be perfect, but you don't have time for the things in life that really matter... Things that are, well, just a little too imperfect for your taste. So, Perfection, even though I never did officially get to meet you, this is goodbye. I no longer desire to have you in my life & my search to find you so that I may become you has been ready to end for quite a while now. So so long for good & have fun being perfect-I think I'll just sit here for a while. See, I don't have to be out searching for anything anymore, as I am content to sit here with one & all of my imperfections... perfectly happy. Sincerely, Jennie H.

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