Saying Goodbye to Perfection

June 7, 2010
Dear Perfection,
Hi there, this is Jennie H. We've never officially met, but I've done everything possible to reach you. No, not only did I want to meet you, but-get this- I, unique Jennie H, wanted to BE you-perfection. But guess what perfection- You are NO ONE. You have nothing for me, and I'm MUCH better off by myself without you in my life-being goofy, quirky, imperfect & "Just good enough"-ME!! I'm not sure why I spent so much time looking for you when you clearly want to be alone, with no one to bother you & your perfect self, but I for one must be off to do better things now-enjoying icecream that is messy & delicious, having conversations where I say the wrong thing but learn something along the way, and dance around in my "almost clean" room to my favorite music just a little too loud-Waste of time? That's what you think, because see- You may be perfect, but you don't have time for the things in life that really matter... Things that are, well, just a little too imperfect for your taste. So, Perfection, even though I never did officially get to meet you, this is goodbye. I no longer desire to have you in my life & my search to find you so that I may become you has been ready to end for quite a while now. So so long for good & have fun being perfect-I think I'll just sit here for a while. See, I don't have to be out searching for anything anymore, as I am content to sit here with one & all of my imperfections... perfectly happy. Sincerely, Jennie H.

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