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April 14, 2010
Stereotypes. Every school has them, it is impossible for teens to escape stereotypes haunting their lives. Everyone is labeled, whether it be as an "emo", a "prep", or a "nerd"; there are countless labels given. When we meet people our mind automatically wants to sort them into groups, whether we try to or not.
These are just assumptions though, and not fact. This glitch in our mind, combined with gossip leads to stereotyping. The assumptions made may be very far from the truth, you could have totally misjudged someone. For example, someone may wear designer clothes but still be a very nice person. It is not a very hard thing to do when you consider that these stereotypes are given purely on what a person looks like, or what they wear. Looks can't define a person. People are very complex, no two exactly alike. Unique in every way possible therefore it is impossible to "classify" people.
The saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" really comes in to play here. People are more times than not, not what it seems. A person may wear all black and be a cheerleader, a person could be a jock and be a straight A student. The point I'm trying to make is that people are not their shells, don't judge them on that alone. A person could even be hiding the real them to try and "fit in" with the rest of the crowd. Their shell would just be a cover, to hide the real them, who may really be a fantastic person. If people wouldn't judge other people based on such insignificant values such as clothes and looks people would be able to express themselves individually and accomplish great feats. The world would be a much better place, there would always be someone new to meet, to get to know.
Stereotyping causes destruction. After a person is labeled it is impossible for them to get away from it, they are there after always known as what ever someone decided they were whether it be true or not. It ruins life's and many students dread going to school, which causes some to eventually drop out. The complications that come from this never leave. It could very easily ruin a persons life for good. Dropping out causes much trouble in finding jobs and that could cause depression.
If you took the time to really get to know someone you might just find out they're great. Some people never bother to really listen and that is their loss. Some people pretend to hear and never really listen, they may be so caught up in their own lives that they don't bother to learn about those around them. You may just lose an experience that may have changed your life forever, a person who may just have been there for you above all others.

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Melinda said...
Sept. 22, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Dear RosinaMarie,

I read your article and I also absoloutly agree to your statement comparing to a saying that 'a book shouldn't get judged by it's cover'. So the people/students who are meaned as the books just shouldn't get judged by their appearance because the inside is all what's finally important! Furthermore nobody has made hisself. They just wait that you start opening them to detect how interesting and fantastic they are and don't only look at their covers ! So I jus... (more »)

Luca said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 12:15 pm

Dear RosinaMarie,

i think you are absuloulty right with your article. It is wrong to value somebody by his clothing or so on. His Character could be the opposite, from what you judged him. For Example if you label somebody as a nerd,  everybody says it, but if they only wear Glasses, and got only B's on his letter of reference you are not a Nerd. For me is a Nerd somebody who is a suck-butt, and have no friends, and his whole life exists of learning and learning... But you get you... (more »)

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