April 12, 2010

Imagine being in a locker-Room and all your teammates laughing at you for being the weakest link on the team. One f the defensive linemen comes to you and offers you a pill and needle and says “Everyone is taking it. It gives you a big boost.” ….. Would you take it?
Do you think steroids are worth the risk?

According to the “Monitoring the Future Survey” By the University of Michigan in the year of 2006, 2.7% of high school seniors said they took steroids once or twice in their lifetime and regret it. Teens take steroids without knowing what it does to them or all the side effects steroids give could give them, an individual from the Association Against Steroids said “I wanted the body of a 25-year-old pro Athlete at eighteen years old. What I didn’t know was that at eighteen years old I was still growing.”

There are lots of side effects that steroids have like, acne, stunted growth, migraines, blood clots, male pattern (like baldness and facial hair) on females, and female patterns on male (like enlarged breast and other female traits on male, shrunken testicles, impotence, and liver disease, and to make it even worse most teens share needles and it puts them at risk for HIV and AIDS.

In my opinion teens shouldn’t take steroids at all there is no good reason to take it, and if your friends don’t like you the way you are then really they are not your friends.
You’re back in the situation were your friend has the needle and the pill, but you stop and think and thoughts come into your head and you think about the side effects like the acne, The female traits, The shrinking of your testicals, Then you think about your family and how they are going to be disappointed in you, and even worse your health is your health worth the risk. So you say… “Its okay man, I’ll just work hard and hit the gym, I think you should stop… ohh see you at the next game.”

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