Internet safty

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Michael V. was an 10th grader In Southern Middle School. 5 foot 2 and had brown hair blue eyes. He was also a straight a student. He loved to us the internet. He had Aim (American online instant messenger), Myspace (a talk and social website were you can share your interests.), and email. One day he was on Myspace when fifteen older people approached him for his town name, his full name, and one even asked for his mom and dads full name. Michael knew all about this and did not give any of them what they asked for because he knew what they were looking for. It was ether they wanted to harass him or they wanted his identity to use for themselves. Even though Michael v. said no to every one of those people does not mean that all the other kids in the world will say no to all of them. Internet safety is a key to all of those kids who love the internet. I personally think that internet safety is one of the most important safety precautions.

One Reason that internet safety is important is child molesting. How many kids a year do you think have had an adult come up them and ask them all about there body? Well experts show that over one million kids a year have had an adult approach them. Most people would say 10 thousand but really it is a lot more than that. For an example, I have heard stories about people who have been harassed and they have never and will never get over it. It will always be on there mind. These molesters are constantly seen by me and other people who have told me about them.

My second reason is that parents are having there identities stolen. Over 10 thousand of people get there identities stolen each year. Because of this problem many people do not have the power over the identity to mortgage there house or take out money from there bank account because they have had the person who stole there identities take all of there money swept clean from the bank accounts. For an example my mom’s friend had her identity stolen and she had to have government help to get it back.

My final reason that internet safety is important kids are endanger. About five thousand kids a year get killed a year for thinking that they are going over to there “boyfriends” house for the weekend. The boyfriend was actually a full grown 40 year old man who had something against 13 year old girls. That example was one that was one of the 5 thousand kids that had on of the same stories. Not only do predators what to harass kids they also want to kill kids who they don’t like. Maybe they don’t like kids with blond hair and blue eyes. Or maybe they don’t like kids who are African American. My point is kids are highly endangered and too many people don’t know that they are.

In conclusion I think that internet safety is very important. Maybe you or someone you know has had there identity stolen. Or maybe you know someone who has gotten killed by the internet. Well know you should take the precautions. What precautions will you take? Hopefully you will take the right precautions and be safe on the internet because as I have just told you that the internet is far from safe.

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