An Introduction to the Bible and Why You Should Believe

February 13, 2010
By nooxygen PLATINUM, Medford, New York
nooxygen PLATINUM, Medford, New York
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A new generation of Israelites
How to please God, so he can bless them
Reviews Gods rules of a holy life style
Israelites promise to obey God
God helps people because he loves them
God’s rules are given in love and he blesses people who keep his rule
Joshua becomes Israel’s leader and
tells how God helped the Israelites defeat the Canaanites
He leads the Israelites to victory
Shows what happened when the Israelites abandoned God to worship idols
Israelites sin again and again
Because of that the enemies of the Israelites win
The Israelites cry out to God
God sends a “judge” to defeat the enemy and lead Israel
God is eager to forgive and help people who have sinned if only they will turn to him
Shows that some people trusted God even in the times of the judges
Talks about Ruth a young Moabite widow
God loves people of every nation who put their trust in him
1 Samuel
Shows how the Israelites became a kingdom
Samuel serves as Israel’s last judge
Saul becomes Israel’s first king
David kills Goliath and join Saul’s army
Saul DISOBEYS God and is killed
God wants leaders who obey him
2 Samuel
Tells the story of David’s 40-year reign as Israel’s king
Israel becomes a great nation
God uses people who love and want to please him, as David did
1 Kings
Shows how the kings of Israel obeyed or disobeyed God
Solomon rules for 40 years
When he dies the kingdom is divided
God sends prophets to turn disobedient people back to him
2 Kings
Shows why God exiled Israel and Judah from the promised land
Stories of many kings
God is very patient. But he will punish those he keep on disobeying
1 Chronicles
Gives God’s evaluation of David’s Rule
David is king (Israel)
Defeats the enemies of Israel
Works to make Israel a mighty nation
God gives people who serve him many different abilities
2 Chronicles
Tells what God thought of the kings of Israel and Judah
Solomon is king for 40 years.
He dies the nations split.
Both nations sin.
God punishes them by sending them into exile
God rescues godly leaders who depend on him for help

Shows how God kept his promise and brought the Jews back to their homeland
Rebuilding of God’s temple
Ezra comes to teach God’s law
God is faithful and keeps his promises
Tells how God used Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem
Nehemiah is made to govern Judah and stops the people of Judah stop living sinful lives
God wants his people to be courageous and keep on doing his work
Reveals how God takes care of his people
Esther a Jewish girl, becomes queen of Persia
Haman plots to kill all the Jews everywhere
Esther saves her people
God does not need to do miracles to rescue his people
He is able to work through ordinary events and ordinary people
Written to help people learn that suffering is not always punishment from God
Tons of terrible events happen to Job
God does let bad things happen to good people. When this happen, it doesn’t mean that God is punishing them for a sin. It means that he is only strengthening you so he could reward you in the end by blessing you even more.
Shows how God’s people talk to him and how to worship him
Psalms does not rhyme. (Hebrew poetry repeats ideas instead of repeating sounds)
This book was written to help people make wise choices
Written for everyone
This book is a book of wisdom
Shows that no one can have a happy life without God
Solomon’s Song
This book is a collection of poems about grownup love between a man and a woman
The book was written for grown-ups to help them understand love and marriage
Isaiah warns the people, that God will punish the people of Judah like he punished Israel if they keep on doing wicked things.
Isaiah says that God will comfort the people and make them a mighty nation once again as soon as they stop doing wicked things.
Isaiah uses many special names for God
These names shows that God is Holy, he is a Judge, and is our salvation
God intended to use Babylon to punish Judah’s sin. Jeremiah Urged the king and people to surrender to Babylon.
Jeremiah’s faithfulness towards God.
Shows how sad the captives in Babylon were, and it shows how they had finally realized that they were being punished because of their sin.
This book is a “dirge poetry” a sad poem
Part 1-shows why God must punish the wicked people still in Judah
Part 2-shows that God will bring his people back to their land
and that their faith and position before God will be restored
God is holy. He will not live among wicked people
Shows that the Jewish people that foreign nations will have power over their homeland until God send the promised Savior.
God is in charge of history. He knows ahead of time what will happen in our world.
Hosea warns the people of Israel about their unfaithfulness to God.
God keeps on loving us even if we are unfaithful.
Punishment does not mean that God has stopped loving us.
Joel wants the people of Judah to repent and stop sinning
God is judge. He will punish people who sin
Amos preaches against the rich people who are mean to the poor.
He warns the Israelites that God is angry and tells them that they must begin doing right.
God cares very much about people who are poor and helpless. He wants fair treatment for everyone
Obadiah speaks of the punishment God will bring on the Edomites, who have invaded Judah and plundered Jerusalem.
Jonah shows Israel that God does not punish if people repent and are sorry for their sins.
God forgives his disobedient prophet and gives Jonah a second chance. God also forgives the people of Nineveh. God does not destroy the people who repent.

Micah reveals God’s concern for justice in Judah as well as in Israel
God cares for the poor and the helpless. God will judge the rich who mistreat them.
Nahum assures the people of Judah that God will destroy Nineveh, the capital city of their great enemy, Assyria.
God will punish the enemies of the people he loves
Shows that people never get away with being wicked and that God will punish the wicked.
God is too holy to let people get away with sin. He punishes everyone who sins.
Zephaniah prepares Judah for Josiah’s revival.
Zephaniah warns Judah that God will judge a sinful people.
God is a God of judgment. He will punish sin. But God does not wait. He will also punish sinful nations.
The people had stopped rebuilding God’s temple. Haggai tells them the temple must be rebuilt-now
God will bless people when they put him first
Zechariah encourages the people of Judah to finish rebuilding the temple
God will cleanse the sin of his people. God will come and rule the earth
Shows how the children of the people who returned to Judah from Babylon have wandered away from God
God deserves our best. God will remember those who love him and talk about him

The End Of The Old Testament
400 years of silence
The Next Part OF An Introduction to the Bible and Why You Should Believe
Will feature the New Testament description

The author's comments:
This is Part 2 of An Introduction to the Bible and Why You Should Believe. As I have mentioned before I am using the NIV Adventure Bible for the description of each book in the bible. You do not have to read every description, but feel free to do so. I Thank you for your time and if you have any questions on this, just comment me. Thank May God Bless You AND Have a wonderful day.

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