NFL Rookie Cap

January 12, 2010
By , hartland, WI
Dear Roger Goodell,

I have been a football fan my entire life. I have allows felt that the NFL is the most entertaining professional sports league in the United States. I am a long time Bengals fan and as a fan of a smaller market team that can’t afford to waste money I would like you to enforce a rookie salary cap.

I would like for you to enforce a rookie salary cap because unproven players are entering the NFL and becoming one of the highest paid players at their position. In 2008, Jake Long without playing one snap in the NFL became the highest paid offensive lineman when he signed a five year $57.5 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. Jamarcus Russell arguably the most criticized quarterback is the fourth highest played player in the league. To be successful in the NFL Draft teams need to be lucky and if you aren’t you set your team back heavily financially and skill.

As Commissioner of the league I would like you to make a rule that rookie contracts cannot have more than $20 million of guaranteed money. If teams want to pay their rookies more money they can put incentives into their contract that gives the player more money based on his play on the field. This way rookies will not be over paid and if they do become top players for their teams, their incentive-based contract will still give them the money they deserve.

Thank you for reading my letter and considering the rule change.



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