Material World

November 28, 2009
By Anonymous

We live in a material world. A place where power and ranking come from wealth; where those with the most are idolized and famed. We live in a place where people spend money on high end retail, luxury Porsches, and European tours. Money is gold is power is fame is what we, as a society, want.

But we have so much.

We live in the same world where elementary school aged children are sold into prostitution every day, where thousands of children are orphaned by AIDs every hour, and where human lives are being aborted, not due to lack of love on the mother's end, but lack of resources. In this material world there is terrorism, violence, segregation, disease, injustice, corruption, and ultimately death.

And yet, so many of us would rather spend $40 on a Hollister sweater than provide one year's worth of tuition for a Pakistani girl, struggling to attend school for sexism and poverty.

Now we all have values and judgements on right and wrong. We all make individual choices and tradeoffs. We all have those days where we sacrifice, and we all have those days where we splurge. We just can't ever lose sight of the problems that face our world, despite some of them being seas away.

Just because they are miles away doesn't mean they should be miles from our mind. We might be young, but we are empowered. We can take action. We can make a difference.

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