A Piece of String for the World

October 24, 2009
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Everything affects everything; have you ever thought about that? I always used to think of the word “everything” applying only to things like people and their actions. I didn’t ever think that it would apply to all the seemingly unimportant things like hairbrushes and pencils and plastic water bottles, but it really does. But the meaning of everything is not the point. The thought that everything affects everything is the point.

I think that thought goes right along with the fact that you don’t know how you’re messing with someone’s life. I’m not saying it’s always a bad affect, but you can honestly never know how a little action might go a long way. That person you saw when you were out walking today? I’ll bet they looked down and sad, didn’t they? Maybe they were having a particularly bad day. Maybe because you didn’t take the tiny effort to smile at them their bad day got worse. But maybe not…

It’s entirely possible that they were just a grouch and nothing you would do or say would make any difference. That’s my point; you don’t know how a little action will make an impact. I think that it is entirely possible to go around the world with a string and be able to connect every single person with that string. Everything affects everything and everyone affects everyone.

So when you go out on the street today or tomorrow or any day really, just stop for a second and ask yourself what you can do to affect someone in a positive way. Everything affects everything; just remember that.

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