Is it the talent or being Beautiful that matters most now?

August 8, 2009
By Anonymous

It was the 6th of June and I remember it all like it was yesterday, the school‘s Wilson idol. I woke up that morning with high self-esteem and confidents that I was going to blow my school away with my all time favorite song by Whiney Houston "I Will Always Love You".

I wore a simple white dressy shirt, neon blue shinnies, and my mom’s lucky black flats.
At 7:15 I caught the 18 bus to school as I did ever morning and on my ride to the 70 bus stop I kept imaging winning the Wilson idol and having that special feeling when singing on stage. I began to smile at the site of showing my school, teachers, friends, and other students what I can do and be my best at it.
sometimes call other students fans because they all know my name and tell me how much the love my voice and asks for my autograph saying how I’m going to be famous and they want it before it’s too late.
And I have never seen them before.

I had got to school just on time, it was 8:10 one minute until the bell would ring. I remember how Mrs. would have us(me and the other contestants) rehearse after rehearse after rehearse,
she wanted as all to sing hero by Mariah Carey. I thought it was a pieces of cake for me because I sing that song all the time. But when the time had came I was ready, but I was also very nervous because my mom and dad was going to be there recording it and cheering for me. When we all as a group was singing, I don’t know why but when my part came up I forgot the lyrics but I keep going. I knew that had token points way so I told myself not to miss up when it was time to sing Whiney Houston’s song.

I remember feeling this rush in my blood stream, it was mixer of excitement and confidents. And I just love that feeling. And I sang it in a-cappella (without musical accompaniment) When I started singing the crowed was already going crazy, they were all singing along and cheering and when I hit the high notes they when even more crazier. I just knew I had it and mainly because all the other contestants just stood there singing looking all afraid, like they didn’t want to be there and some sang to low and some was pretty much yelling on the microphone. And to make matters even worst they were singing song only a hand full of teachers and some students knew or heard of. Be but I won the stage; I was moving with the melody I was singing, I was smiling, and just showing how much I love to sing.

And when the judges announced the winner I remember how empty how I felt, how confused I was.
I thought I won I had the crow on every level there was. Even the audiences was very upset with how had won. It was my best friends Inesha. I didn’t really understand because she at first didn’t make the tryouts, but because my close friend Jessica dropped out and they needed that pace full they let her back in. I mean you can’t get mad at me for speaking the true now can you?
She does have a nice voice, it’s just that she kind of sings throw her nose and the way she singes is very different. Singing with her is very difficult because she wants her voice to stand out more. She really doesn’t believe in singing like a grope. But because she’s my best friends I have to be happy for her. I know some of you may call it being jealous but I’m just saying what’s true. I guess everyone could see the disappointment in my eyes because they all kept saying “who cares what dem’ judges say you really won…” And “ I don’t know why they say the other chick won she can’t even sing good like you….” I could see how much everyone was trying to make me feel happy but I just couldn’t stop thinking. Did she win because she sings better than me? Or is it because she’s prettier than me?
And then I started thinking, there are so many singers in the world and most of them are only famous because there beautiful or have a great body. Is that what the really mean when they say “sex sells” It that really all that matters to the world now? So if I was to enter into a singer contest, is there a possible changes I could lose to a women not because she sings better but that looks better then me?
And if this is true how are all the other people that has the talent no not much of looks are suppose to feel? There really is only a hand full of people in the world that is what people from TV would call beautiful. But my main questions is would happen to when there really was good singers out there and real song that really have a meaning to it other than sex and having money or whatever that play on the radio now a days?
And these are the type of questions that never has a answer to, but I’m not giving up my passion is singing and that is what I’m going to do, I’m not saying I’m the pretties in the world or the best singer there is alive, I’m just a 15-year-old with a dream. And I hope when it comes true, that my fans well love me for the music I put out not my looks.

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Bethani GOLD said...
on Mar. 21 2010 at 10:12 pm
Bethani GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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I completely agree! I like your idea and you chose a good topic to write about. This is something that affects alot of people. I'm a singer too. My main problem with singers is that they "must have a perfect complexion". that definitely isn't me. you could work on organizing your ideas tho in my opinion. keep it up!


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